Got Millennials? I'm Here to Help.

"After much needed discussion and consultation, Ms. Crommett provided the proper advisement that will not only make an immediate impact; it will find itself a presence in the long run within JCI (Jaycees). As an entrepreneur, actor, author, & humanitarian, she is well versed in this ever changing world that will [inevitably] be led by Millennials. It's apparent that she has spent a significant amount of time researching this generation and their retention within organizations (both for-profit & nonprofit). I would highly recommend her as a keynote speaker for any organizational function."

Neil A. Hanes, M.S.

Millennials Got You Down?

Don't worry, Caitlin is here to solve all of your Millennial problems at work. Whether you work in a nonprofit and are looking to attract more Millennials to your volunteer programs, or you are a for-profit business manager looking to keep your best Millennial employees to stay with you, I'm here to help. 

Take a look around at what I have to offer, and I would love to hear from you soon to discuss your Millennial problems. Let's solve them together!