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When you have an event and you're looking for someone fresh, engaging, funny, informative...all in one. 

 Look no further.

As a Millennial, Caitlin offers a younger perspective, different from those Gen X'ers and Boomers speaking about their experiences with Millennials. She takes her experiences, her friends' and colleagues', as well as those she has heard from older and younger workers to compile a comprehensive understanding of the generations and the best ways to work together.

Caitlin uses hilarious personal stories and experiences to contribute to the authenticity of her presentations. She captures audiences with staggering statistics, studies, and anecdotes that will keep everyone laughing, focused, and off their cell phones (lookin' at you, Millennials). 

As a young, energetic speaker, Caitlin has endless energy to offer your audiences and keep everyone wide awake, learning, and having the time of their lives. She is constantly moving, interacting, and engaging audiences to keep energy levels HIGH at all times of day.

Caitlin offers tangible, actionable solutions for every audience to implement immediately after her presentation. Unlike other more "generally-speaking" speakers, Caitlin gives specific and personalized information catered to each and every audience she meets. 

Take a look around the website to get a better feel for everything Caitlin has to offer you right now, and feel free to reach out anytime.