[Attempt at a] Blog

And on the 5th Day of October, Caitlin Remembered to Blog.

WOW. HEY GUYS. If you're actually reading this I sincerely appreciate you not giving up on me altogether, because it has been 4 MONTHS since my last post, and 7 MONTHS since my last REAL UPDATE post. That's embarrassing. Clearly, not a blogger here. But here's me trying again and hopefully I can gain your trust back. 

Ok, I'm not even sure where to start so I'm gonna keep it semi-simple because otherwise you might be overwhelmed and leave me, which I would hate. So anyyyyyyywho, the latest big things in the random exciting weird life of Caitlin are as follows:

- SWEDEN. Yep, I went to Sweden. But not just to dilly dally and go to Sweden, but because I got the lead in a film there!!! It was super exciting and it was the best time ever. Below are some photos, but mostly just like the page on Facebook because there you'll get the best updates possible, and hopefully you'll get to see a trailer of some sort soon. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/anightinthecabinmovie/?fref=ts. Yay! 

So I went to Sweden for a month and got to film this independent horror film, which was so so fun and crazy, and I learned a ton. It's gonna be good, you guys. We got some days off though, so it worked out perfectly to visit Chris's family and he got to come home for part of it too, so that was great (p.s. if you're totally out of the loop- I don't blame you- Chris is the BF and he's Swedish). So I explored Sweden like a local, then did a mini road trip with some of the crew to the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and ended in Poland!!! What fun, I tell ya. Poland has amazing food and is so cheap so yes you must go there (had a gourmet 4 course meal for $15). Some pics below. 

-MY BOOK. I wrote a book!!! So if you scroll back/happen to recall that I am pursuing a career in speaking now, I decided that a super hot topic right now is my generation (Millennials) and the workplace. I looked it up, and not a ton of Millennials themselves actually speak on the topic, it's mostly older generations speaking on how they've been able to deal with us. So I decided I should do this, and did some research, actually got super excited and passionate about this topic, and began to write a book. I wrote it because you really need a book as a speaker to be as legitimate as possible (especially if you're as young and inexperienced as me...) and it's in the process of publishing now!! Go to my new page on here (website)---Speaker tab. Or www.caitlincrommett.com/speaker to see all the deets. It's a pretty awesome feeling to hold a book you wrote in your hands, btw. If you've never tried it. Never thought I'd ever have that day come, to be honest. See photo of cover below!


- NEW MOVIE: So, as some of you may have seen on my Facebook recently, I am producing a feature film coming up in January, called The Violent Young. It's exciting because it's my first feature film as producer! So lots of first features lately. Anyway, we are so stoked about it, and the story is awesome- it's a sort of coming-of-age story about two women in their late twenties who are struggling to figure out themselves and who they want to be...they end up meeting randomly in the middle of nowhere and falling for each other. The film will be focused on the characters and their development, and their relationship with each other....no special effects, no craziness. Just raw, truthful, realistic characters and their stories. We're especially excited because most of our crew are women, and our two lead characters are strong females....with an LGBTQ theme. Breakin' the glass ceilings here in Hollywood. If possible, we would love your support in making this real. Check out our trailer/teaser here: http://kck.st/2cHgatU. Exciting stuff!

- COMING SOON: This coming weekend, I will be leaving for Washington, DC to shoot a music video for an amazing artist we discovered...we want to start getting into the music video space so decided to reach out to her and make one for her. Check her out here, I promise you'll love it. Her website is: http://roriemusic.com. Her voice is gorgeous. So, look out for photos and videos of that soon!! So excited. 

Next month, I'll be back in Burlington, Iowa, for the annual DreamCatchers visit and events there. Stay tuned for updates on one of our top DreamCatchers chapters!

---I'll end here, because surely you have stopped reading/are bored by now. Hopefully I will actually have a memory and blog more often so these updates are more of a quick read/super quick update type-of-thing but for now, I sincerely thank you if you were able to make it this far. As for my state of mind, I am happy and well...still getting to do what I love everyday, only now a little more desperate for some sort of income while doing it. :P Thanks for following my super-not-exciting-whatever-we-call-it kinda life, and I promise to be more timely next time. Love you all, wonderful people. Keep doin' what you love...life's too short not to, ya know. 



Smell those roses, wouldja?

Just taking this brief blog interruption to remind the world to wake up and smell the roses. Literally. 

Too many people today are all consumed with their devices, with the media, with their reputation, etc....the list goes on. We wanted to create something to remind people that life can be extremely short and can be gone in an instant, so it is crucial that we appreciate our time and take full advantage of the beautiful life we have been given. 

Personally, I have seen the importance of appreciating every little moment in life through my experience with DreamCatchers and spending time with people who have literally been given an end date, a ticking clock of sorts. Meeting Franck and becoming part of his Open Valve Studios has taught me even more about appreciating good health, and the freedom we have been given to live and be alive. He has inspired me to value each moment and use our lives to do something meaningful, something that could positively affect others. We created this PSA as a reminder to each person to wake up, open your eyes, and see the beauty that surrounds you each day. 

As cliche as it might sound, I really hope this can impact you, even in the smallest way, to be more alive each day.  Check it out below, and please let us know what you think---we are always looking to get better and make greater impact, so every word is appreciated.

xoxo, love you all, 


Random is Good.

Heyyyyyyyy loyal followers of my super random yet exciting life! Wow, where did the time go? Am I right or am I right? I feel like I JUST wrote the new year blog post and then I opened my eyes again and it was the end of March. Pretty sure I'm Truman in the Truman Show and everyone just set all clocks and satellites forward to March while I was asleep so I could lose my mind and stress myself out. Yeah, because the world revolves around me of course. Duh. (please don't think I'm serious)

So since I lost a couple of months apparently, I'll fill you in on what has been happening while I've been unconscious or whatever. Ok done with that analogy, here's an update on my life since January and the adventures that have consumed it. **hang on while I go check my calendar because the memory is failing now**

February was full of lots of auditions (woohoo!) and shoots (more woohoo!) and random jobs and wandering around pretending to know what I'm doing (woohoo!). Sounds typical. But actually, I did two cool spec commercials with amazingly talented people (spec commercials, just in case you didn't know-like me- are usually submitted as idea commercials to companies either through a contest or just for fun, to see if they'll buy it). First I did a Behr paint commercial with a SUPER talented production company, Creative Suspects, which I wish I could show you but apparently can't until it's been submitted or something. But here are some pics. It was my first lead role in a commercial of any sort, so it was exciting to get to know the process there. 

Me and fellow actor admiring our newly painted table for Behr commercial!

I also did a cool commercial with some USC students for Stance socks- which are pretty incredible, I might add. This one was a blast because it was a weekend shoot where we basically just got to be filmed doing fun stuff like hiking, beaching, bonfiring, kickboxing, etc. Photos below... also super talented group, and can't wait to see the result of that. 

Also, remember that fun Wheelchair Dance Flow company I became an ambassador for a couple months ago? I finally got a chance to do an interview with them to practice hosting/interviewing skillz. Yes, with a Z. It was an absolute BLAST, because I got to interview their resident photographer and awesome guy all-around, Mike, who I got to know already on past events. Hopefully that will be posted up soon and I can let you know! Check out the company here: http://www.infiniteflowdance.org/. Hopefully all of these things are going to somehow, sometime, come together beautifully in some sort of career--hosting, acting, interviewing, speaking. They're all related, right? RIGHT?! Just say yes for my sanity plz. Thx. 

Interviewing THE Michael Hansel (ignore the bare feet..oops)

Ohmgosh, before I forget. I became a professional dog walker as a part time job thing. Honestly the best job ever. I can take dog walks whenever and get to hang out with DOGS. What is life. And while we're on the job trail, I catered the Grammy's afterparty which was freakin' inSANE. I've never seen such an extravagant party. Oh, and I got to wear a pink tie. Again, what is life. 

Getting into March, a highlight of my month was shooting a documentary short film out in the desert, about a guy named Marty. He lives on the side of the highway and lives such a simple life, yet is perfectly happy. I'm not going to tell you much more than that because I want you all to remain curious as we begin to post preview trailers and such...here's a couple of pics though so you get an idea of where we were for a few days :) He is one incredible guy, and I can't wait to share his story with the world (or those of you in my world...comparable? Sure)

The man himself. Incredible how he spends his days improving the world in his own way.

This is a fence in the middle of nowhere. Someone decided to put shoes on it. And then it became a thing. 

Oh, did I mention he has the cutest companion ever?? Meet my best friend Buddy.

In other news, I finished my SECOND improv workshop at UCB (out of four). I'm really realizing that, while I enjoy watching improv, actually doing it is a whole new story. I struggle with the "being funny" part. I know what you're thinking. "But Caitlin, you're SO hilarious!!!" Yeah, I KNOW. Ha. But then I met actual funny people. 

Oh, oh, oh! And remember all of my struggles with finding an agent and all that fun stuff??? Well I have one now! And a manager! Like at the same time. Yeah, I'm really trying to figure out what the difference is still too. Stay tuned. I met my agent at a casting, and met the daughter of my manager at a shoot. Go figure. Did I ever mention there's no set path or rules or process? Yeah. There you have it. 

Speaking news: had our first Speakers Academy session this month. An all day affair, filled with advice on social media presence, getting started as a speaker, and really just getting to know everyone and our mentors. Let me tell you, I am excited to be around so many crazy awesome people. I CAN'T WAIT to start learning from all of them. And I'm the assistant because of my whole scholarship situation, so I can better interact with everyone on the board and everything. SO MUCH TALENT. So much to learn. Ay, just getting started here. 

Last but not least, life has been hectic because I had to move out of my Hollywood apartment for unfortunate situations. BUT BUT BUT it's all good because then my parents decided they wanted to buy a condo out here and we found the most BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING condo ever and I move in a month!!! So if you're coming to visit (which you should asap, all of you), COME AFTER MAY 1. I'll be hosting many dinner parties and fun times. Please come! I miss you (probably!)! 

Thanks for sticking with me on one of my longer posts ever---guess I was in a writing/sharing mood. Hope this was able to shed some light on what I'm ACTUALLY doing with my life (please let me know if you figure it out), since it gets a little confusing, even to me. Every day is so different and random. But that's what I love. Doing what I love. Ok, that's enough. Love you. xoxo

Hey, 2016. Nice to meet you.

It's 2016! It's a new year! It's a new me! Lolz. Just kidding. Same ol' Caitlin, writing to you from the comfort of some coffee shop, somewhere. As usual.

Hi again! Guys it's still January so I'm already blogging more often so it's already a good year. I think my issue with regular blogging is like, I don't really think that much new stuff happens in my life each month. So why should I write each month. But then I'm like, Caitlin, writing is good practice and good for the soul. Right?? Stay with me here. 

So here I am. Updating you on life while feeding my soul. January started off with a BANG because, after a fabulous Christmas with the fam, I got to spend New Years Eve with the best people ever in the best place ever (the AZ home of course). Best friends new and old were in attendance, and the whole fam bam, random other friends, and a KARAOKE MACHINE. Anyway, enough about the NYE extravaganza. On to what you really care about...my life in LA (or do you??? It's ok if you don't I just thank you for reading my words). 

The oh-so-coordinated fam on Christmas Day!

So I ended December submitting to lots of agencies, as my latest goal is to simply get an agent. Easy right? Nooooooooo guys. Not at all. Who knew right?! I was like, hey I have a reel and headshots and did lots of films and sent in my resume and that means I should get an agent! HAHA I'm currently laughing (out loud) at my former self. The naive, dreamer of a Caitlin that existed last year. So apparently most only take referrals from other actors/agents, or need you to have ALREADY done a big national commercial or feature film. Okkkkkkk.....so it's like the classic how do I get those things without having an agent and I can't get an agent without having those things. So, back to the drawing board. I'm just going to keep submitting to anything and everything and start making my own stuff and then maybe I'll randomly run into an agent at Starbucks and get discovered and that's it. That's what I'll do. 

So other than submitting, I haven't done a whole bunch of actual acting, so I'm getting super antsy. And doing a lot of talking to myself in my apartment as if I'm in a scene. Normal things. I did this cool commercial for Fuze but was just an extra. But it was so fun because we got to be on the beach and I flew a kite for like 3 hours straight. Nice life, huh? OH, and I had my final improv show for my Improv 101 class at UCB, which was quite the experience. I'm not very funny, so I was kinda forgettable during that show, but I liked it enough to sign up for the next workshop level. Improv 202 here I come! If you're funny let me know so I can call you and eat what you eat and do what you do and become you. Thx.

The gorgeous setting for a part of the commercial shoot. Nicely done, California. Luv u.

My adorable and amazing Improv 101 class after our show! Such fun with these folks.

Ok so moving on to my latest life development and career path switcharoo (but not really)....becoming a speaker! Ever since my fun trip to Burlington Iowa in November (see last post), I have been encouraged by a national speaker, Curtis Cloke, that I should try out speaking for a living. That's a career?? I can make money at that?? Who knew. Not me. But I LOVE speaking and traveling and it kinda goes hand-in-hand with acting right? So it's perfect. I decided to pop in on a National Speakers Association (NSA) LA chapter meeting this month to see what all the hubbub is about. AMAZING, you guys. Like, life=changed. The speaker was Jeffrey Hayzlett, who is literally a celeb in the speaking world, and has built a multi-million dollar company based on his speaking. WHO EVEN KNEW THAT WAS A THING. Raise your hand. I would like to speak with you.

But moving on, I met amazzzzzing people there that literally just want to help spread positive or important messages through their speaking. And they get paid, like a lot, to do it. And most were casually naming all of the countries they've been to. In the past month. Ok. Sold. Done. Sign me up. 

Since then, I've been working my clueless little tail off trying to make this a real possibility in my life. I got a scholarship to go to the NSA Speakers' Academy starting in March (probably because of my continuous reminders (read: whining) that I just couldn't afford the large enrollment fee...hey, persistence, right? Which was SO COOL of them, because I literally would not have been able to do it without that, and they're so supportive of new and young speakers! (Most are older, btw...which makes sense because they have things like life experience and wisdom and knowledge to speak about...what are those things). And now (EXCITING) I have added a new tab to my website called Speaker (so original) (hey, check it out! Be a friend! Tell me what's wrong with it! --seriously. critiques needed). Click here for that page. So I've been meeting with some of the top speakers in this area to get advice and I'm super excited about all of this so stay tuned for more developments!! Yay, speaking! Let's be friends! Also if you're for some reason reading this and thinking, hey, I work for a company, and we have meetings/conferences/gatherings, and we want speakers sometimes, let me know! I could come be one! I think that's how this works. TBD.

Lastly!! For funsies I went to Austin to visit Miss Donahue the coolest teacher ever (aka Shannon) and we had tons of fun and Lexi came and so did Tirza and it was like a big glorious gathering of wonderful people. So many food trucks there, let me tell you. It is incredible. So much good food- tacos, QUESO (so much queso), donuts, guac, sausages, heaven, the list goes on. And I was also like, woah I could live here. So stay tuned, because if there is a TV show filmed in Austin I will be THE FIRST to go audition. 

The best gathering of the best people in Austin! Woohooooo reunions!

REUNITED with Shannon! In a pile of graffiti! So many colors.

Hey there, old friend.

So my goal of posting AT LEAST once a month has clearly been ignored and trampled on because it has been a solid TWO whole months (and then some) since you've heard from me. I'm so sorry for the delay as it probably caused a few of you intense anxiety and anger because obviously you rely on my blog to give you your monthly dose of happiness and ridiculous stories [those are hand-in-hand these days, right?!]. K, cool. So now that my apology has been issued, I will continue on with the things you really care about (yes that was sarcastic)....my life stories and successes/failures!

Thanks for reading on if you have stayed with me to this exciting second paragraph. Since we last spoke, I have been busy with lots of shoots, auditions, travels, hikes, foods, shows, classes, ok I'll stop now. I've semi-kinda-not really- figured out the methods for getting into this business that seem to work for me right now, anyway. I have been a lead/principal role in about 8 short films and 2 music videos, been an extra in 2 web series, and a featured extra in 1 national commercial (!). Oh, and I joined on as a host/ambassador for this awesome organization called Wheelchair Dance Flow, which is a dance company for people in wheelchairs. It's been awesome so far and the people I've met- even better. So things are actually going really well if we're looking at the number of shoots I've been in during my first 2 months here, until I tell you that I'm not getting paid for any of them. But apparently this is all fine and normal because you have to work your way up to the shoots that will pay you. For those of you who don't know, I gave myself a year deadline to work on acting and only acting (well obviously DreamCatchers and those things too) without NEEDING a paying job right away. So I'm about 2 months into this year and have built a solid reel for myself, I think. To those of you who are just DYING to see the work I've done (hey Mom&Dad), I am too. I'll let you know as soon as it's done---promise! This editing process, as we know, can take a bit of time. So hold those pants on. 

Feel free to laugh at how ridiculous my life is. 

Feel free to laugh at how ridiculous my life is. 

One of several shoots where I become a crazy ex-girlfriend/wife. ....should this be telling me something?

One of several shoots where I become a crazy ex-girlfriend/wife. ....should this be telling me something?

Along with the film shoots, I randomly got involved with a theatre called the Berubians Theatre Company (conveniently a 5 minute walk from my apartment) (yes I said walk- it is possible in LA sometimes), and have been performing every Friday night for the past 6 weeks in a show called the Vampire Masquerade. Yes, it is a Halloween-y show, but it's a fun time any week of the year. It's been awesome to get more experience on the stage---you know, those live performances are a lot more pressure than the typical several-take-life of a film shoot---and I've met amazing people who I think will become some close friends here in lalaland. So that's been cool- I'm a drunk girl who turns into a vampire (for those of you who saw Dead Man's Cell Phone you're probably wondering why I'm always cast as the drunk one...same). If you're in LA in the next two weeks come see our last shows! 

The super fun cast of the Vamp show---we think we're cute or something.

Also SUPER RANDOM and out of my comfort zone ENTIRELY, I did a fun makeup/hair tutorial photoshoot for Loreal's Makeup.com. Scroll down for some fun shots from that....I can't even tell you how awkward I was for this... I cringe. But these were some of the best I guess---note, blue shirt one, they were cracking up because I look like a senator's wife. Totally true. New career path? ...........

On another note, I went to Burlington, Iowa for a DreamCatchers kickoff week. It was INCREDIBLE. These high school students arranged an entire community-wide rally that raised $6,000 for their new club. Yeah. You read that right. They're in high school. The club already has 67 members and is going to start granting some Dreams soon...I CANNOT WAIT to hear about their success. 

If you made it this far, BRAVO. You are a champ. Seriously though, I know my life is not as exciting as the stuff you'll find on various distraction websites these days so I am grateful for your efforts to keep up with it. It's crazy and hard and so confusing...but I'm loving every second. I know I made the right choice jumping and coming to LA with absolutely NO clue what I was doing because I'm not wondering "what if???"...which is totally, absolutely what I would be asking myself every day had I not come here and pursued my dreams, or something.

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!! Thanks for following the craziness of my ridiculous life. xoxoxo

If You're Wondering How to Make it in LA...I Am Too.

Hello, world! [Yes, the 5 of you that read this are probably most of my world anyway]. I am alive and well in the land of the angels. It's been a while since an update, but I figured I'd rather keep you on your toes waiting for the next one rather than bombard you with overkill of information on the regs. I was also waiting for something, like, really cool to happen so I would have a great title and subject of the post but I might die waiting at this rate. JK LIFE IS SO COOL. Lol. Okay. Anyway.

Life here is, strange. Well, I use strange in the best way possible because it's new and exciting and interesting but also just so, strange. This is the first time in my life where I am not incredibly bound to a daily activity (school, work, etc.), but rather must create my daily activities, daily. Ya feel me? So that entrepreneurship degree is extra-handy right about now because I am my own business, in a way. This whole acting world is slightly insane and slightly (read: VERY) difficult... To figure out, and to navigate. So far I've been begging at the feet of my few friends who are actors out here for advice and knowledge and age-old wisdom because I have absolutely NO CLUE what I'm doing. [this is your cue if you have a clue what I should be doing...chime in here]. So you can imagine how much of a struggle this first month has been. 

BUT. I am trying to do things, so this is what I've been doing. Skip this paragraph if you could care less about my daily super-fun super-exciting activities. I've subscribed to some casting websites, which involve creating a profile, posting headshots [see Acting page for the newbies!], etc. On these, I can submit to casting calls for roles that sound like something I could do. Then, I wait to hear. I usually submit to about 100 or more a day (it's crazy how much is going on out here), and maybe hear from about 4 or 5. Great odds right? Then, if I hear from them, that means they want me to come audition. So I go audition, meet the people, say a monologue or read a script they give me, and wait even longer. They will then email me within about a week if I get the part or not. Since these are some of my first auditions in years, you can imagine how many [SO MANY] [that was a joke] auditions I am absolutely nailing. And getting. If we're being honest, I haven't gotten any lead roles yet. To be fair though, I kinda forgot how to audition so these first few days have been me remembering, in the audition room, during the audition. So that's good. 

Other than auditions during the days though, I am still at my internship two days a week. It's going really well, but I'm bummed I'm almost done with it. I have a really cool project that I am working on for the team though, so stay tuned for that! 

Oh, and other than those two things, I am taking freelance production work on sets whenever I can. When I first got here, I did a cool gig as a "Prop Master" [yep, the Master of the Props] for a short film, and have since done a few PA [Production Asst.] jobs which are hard and long and tough but SO GREAT to meet AWESOME people. So that's been fun. And by fun I mean I survive the day doing the no-fun work but am rewarded by meeting so-fun people. If that makes sense. 

Last but not least, WE ARE ALL MOVED IN! Finally. The apartment is set up and so cute and comfy and my roommate [Britt- we met at the Cannes Film Festival last summer!] is wonderful. It's cozy yet right on Hollywood Blvd. so that makes for some interesting noises. [i.e. 300+ person animal rights march right outside my window yesterday...repeat: "Animals are friends! Not food!" ...Finding Nemo anyone?] So sleeping is somewhat optional here. But hey, by the end of this lease I'll be able to sleep through a massive earthquake, atomic bomb, and earth-shattering lightening show combined. So that's good.

Questions, comments, concerns, advice, kind words, loving thoughts, etc. --- please say hi below! Or you know, call me. Or whatever. Love you all, you avid readers. Proud of you for making it this far. xoxo


View from a recent hike....yay ocean!

View from a recent hike....yay ocean!

Assortment of extras on set. I was a PA on this set. Supa-fun.

Assortment of extras on set. I was a PA on this set. Supa-fun.

Coffee shops are my second home of course. Maybe first. TBD.

Coffee shops are my second home of course. Maybe first. TBD.

A couple new headshots. For more visit the Acting Page!


Just so you know what it looks like online, you know, always hard to convey excitement on these blog dealios. Well, maybe it's not, but I'm learning so there it is, folks. Caitlin is excited. BOOM.


SO, I just found out that I got an internship position with Stephen and Kathleen Gyllenhaal, who are amazing writer/directors making incredible films and shows. Look 'em up on IMDb or something because, they're pretty great. I'll be helping with marketing of Kathleen's new film In Utero, discovering the inner workings of the film industry, and helping on set with fun things like production etc. I'm pretty dang excited, to say the least. It's part time, though, so don't worry- I'll still be following my acting dreams in every other spare moment.

Speaking of acting dreams, it's hitting me how many THOUSANDS of people are literally doing the exact same thing. I know what you're thinking, DUH CAITLIN, that's what we've been telling you all along. But, it's funny, it never really went through the head 'til I started looking for housing and seeing all these posts from "aspiring actors and entertainers". Like EVERY, single, post. It's cool though. I won't let it stop me! This train trudges on! [no clue why I'm a train now but there it is]. I'm thinking of starting to make videos about my struggles as I pursue the ever-popular dream so stay tuned. I bet you're just DYING to see that. Hold your pants on.

Last but not least, I'M MOVING IN 5 DAYS! To the land of angels. And dreams. And sun. And beaches. I'm so excited to finally start my life. [whatever that means]. On to more adventures!


*Make some analogy about the cloudy skies being spotty like the future* [my attempt to provide a reason for putting this photo in this unrelated post]

Three weeks of Silence (Great Silence, that is)

Hello, world! So this is my first blog post ever...bear with me. I'm new at this. But I just got back a couple of weeks ago from quite possibly, the most wonderful 3 weeks of my summer. Mind you, it was quite an exhausting, mosquito-infested, lack-of-sleep 3 weeks, but incredible nonetheless. I was interning on the set of The Great Silence, a feature film directed by Charlie Buhler, another ND grad, and written by Jenna Lyng, also the lead actress [click here!]. We were in Mitchell, South Dakota- my first time in either of the Dakotas, and I wasn't disappointed- which actually provided for some perfect weather occurrences. 

Anyway, I ended up becoming "Prop Master", then art director for a riot scene (see photo below, it looks like a riot), and learned a TON about producing. Probably more than in my 4 years at school combined (as much as I loved ND...). The best part is, most of these awesome people live in LA so I will be joining them in a few short weeks! Can't contain my excitement. 

In the mean time, here are some highlight photos from the past 3 weeks in film heaven. Enjoy! xoxo