[Attempt at a] Blog

Hey there, old friend.

So my goal of posting AT LEAST once a month has clearly been ignored and trampled on because it has been a solid TWO whole months (and then some) since you've heard from me. I'm so sorry for the delay as it probably caused a few of you intense anxiety and anger because obviously you rely on my blog to give you your monthly dose of happiness and ridiculous stories [those are hand-in-hand these days, right?!]. K, cool. So now that my apology has been issued, I will continue on with the things you really care about (yes that was sarcastic)....my life stories and successes/failures!

Thanks for reading on if you have stayed with me to this exciting second paragraph. Since we last spoke, I have been busy with lots of shoots, auditions, travels, hikes, foods, shows, classes, ok I'll stop now. I've semi-kinda-not really- figured out the methods for getting into this business that seem to work for me right now, anyway. I have been a lead/principal role in about 8 short films and 2 music videos, been an extra in 2 web series, and a featured extra in 1 national commercial (!). Oh, and I joined on as a host/ambassador for this awesome organization called Wheelchair Dance Flow, which is a dance company for people in wheelchairs. It's been awesome so far and the people I've met- even better. So things are actually going really well if we're looking at the number of shoots I've been in during my first 2 months here, until I tell you that I'm not getting paid for any of them. But apparently this is all fine and normal because you have to work your way up to the shoots that will pay you. For those of you who don't know, I gave myself a year deadline to work on acting and only acting (well obviously DreamCatchers and those things too) without NEEDING a paying job right away. So I'm about 2 months into this year and have built a solid reel for myself, I think. To those of you who are just DYING to see the work I've done (hey Mom&Dad), I am too. I'll let you know as soon as it's done---promise! This editing process, as we know, can take a bit of time. So hold those pants on. 

Feel free to laugh at how ridiculous my life is. 

Feel free to laugh at how ridiculous my life is. 

One of several shoots where I become a crazy ex-girlfriend/wife. ....should this be telling me something?

One of several shoots where I become a crazy ex-girlfriend/wife. ....should this be telling me something?

Along with the film shoots, I randomly got involved with a theatre called the Berubians Theatre Company (conveniently a 5 minute walk from my apartment) (yes I said walk- it is possible in LA sometimes), and have been performing every Friday night for the past 6 weeks in a show called the Vampire Masquerade. Yes, it is a Halloween-y show, but it's a fun time any week of the year. It's been awesome to get more experience on the stage---you know, those live performances are a lot more pressure than the typical several-take-life of a film shoot---and I've met amazing people who I think will become some close friends here in lalaland. So that's been cool- I'm a drunk girl who turns into a vampire (for those of you who saw Dead Man's Cell Phone you're probably wondering why I'm always cast as the drunk one...same). If you're in LA in the next two weeks come see our last shows! 

The super fun cast of the Vamp show---we think we're cute or something.

Also SUPER RANDOM and out of my comfort zone ENTIRELY, I did a fun makeup/hair tutorial photoshoot for Loreal's Makeup.com. Scroll down for some fun shots from that....I can't even tell you how awkward I was for this... I cringe. But these were some of the best I guess---note, blue shirt one, they were cracking up because I look like a senator's wife. Totally true. New career path? ...........

On another note, I went to Burlington, Iowa for a DreamCatchers kickoff week. It was INCREDIBLE. These high school students arranged an entire community-wide rally that raised $6,000 for their new club. Yeah. You read that right. They're in high school. The club already has 67 members and is going to start granting some Dreams soon...I CANNOT WAIT to hear about their success. 

If you made it this far, BRAVO. You are a champ. Seriously though, I know my life is not as exciting as the stuff you'll find on various distraction websites these days so I am grateful for your efforts to keep up with it. It's crazy and hard and so confusing...but I'm loving every second. I know I made the right choice jumping and coming to LA with absolutely NO clue what I was doing because I'm not wondering "what if???"...which is totally, absolutely what I would be asking myself every day had I not come here and pursued my dreams, or something.

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!! Thanks for following the craziness of my ridiculous life. xoxoxo