[Attempt at a] Blog


Just so you know what it looks like online, you know, always hard to convey excitement on these blog dealios. Well, maybe it's not, but I'm learning so there it is, folks. Caitlin is excited. BOOM.


SO, I just found out that I got an internship position with Stephen and Kathleen Gyllenhaal, who are amazing writer/directors making incredible films and shows. Look 'em up on IMDb or something because, they're pretty great. I'll be helping with marketing of Kathleen's new film In Utero, discovering the inner workings of the film industry, and helping on set with fun things like production etc. I'm pretty dang excited, to say the least. It's part time, though, so don't worry- I'll still be following my acting dreams in every other spare moment.

Speaking of acting dreams, it's hitting me how many THOUSANDS of people are literally doing the exact same thing. I know what you're thinking, DUH CAITLIN, that's what we've been telling you all along. But, it's funny, it never really went through the head 'til I started looking for housing and seeing all these posts from "aspiring actors and entertainers". Like EVERY, single, post. It's cool though. I won't let it stop me! This train trudges on! [no clue why I'm a train now but there it is]. I'm thinking of starting to make videos about my struggles as I pursue the ever-popular dream so stay tuned. I bet you're just DYING to see that. Hold your pants on.

Last but not least, I'M MOVING IN 5 DAYS! To the land of angels. And dreams. And sun. And beaches. I'm so excited to finally start my life. [whatever that means]. On to more adventures!


*Make some analogy about the cloudy skies being spotty like the future* [my attempt to provide a reason for putting this photo in this unrelated post]