[Attempt at a] Blog

Hey, 2016. Nice to meet you.

It's 2016! It's a new year! It's a new me! Lolz. Just kidding. Same ol' Caitlin, writing to you from the comfort of some coffee shop, somewhere. As usual.

Hi again! Guys it's still January so I'm already blogging more often so it's already a good year. I think my issue with regular blogging is like, I don't really think that much new stuff happens in my life each month. So why should I write each month. But then I'm like, Caitlin, writing is good practice and good for the soul. Right?? Stay with me here. 

So here I am. Updating you on life while feeding my soul. January started off with a BANG because, after a fabulous Christmas with the fam, I got to spend New Years Eve with the best people ever in the best place ever (the AZ home of course). Best friends new and old were in attendance, and the whole fam bam, random other friends, and a KARAOKE MACHINE. Anyway, enough about the NYE extravaganza. On to what you really care about...my life in LA (or do you??? It's ok if you don't I just thank you for reading my words). 

The oh-so-coordinated fam on Christmas Day!

So I ended December submitting to lots of agencies, as my latest goal is to simply get an agent. Easy right? Nooooooooo guys. Not at all. Who knew right?! I was like, hey I have a reel and headshots and did lots of films and sent in my resume and that means I should get an agent! HAHA I'm currently laughing (out loud) at my former self. The naive, dreamer of a Caitlin that existed last year. So apparently most only take referrals from other actors/agents, or need you to have ALREADY done a big national commercial or feature film. Okkkkkkk.....so it's like the classic how do I get those things without having an agent and I can't get an agent without having those things. So, back to the drawing board. I'm just going to keep submitting to anything and everything and start making my own stuff and then maybe I'll randomly run into an agent at Starbucks and get discovered and that's it. That's what I'll do. 

So other than submitting, I haven't done a whole bunch of actual acting, so I'm getting super antsy. And doing a lot of talking to myself in my apartment as if I'm in a scene. Normal things. I did this cool commercial for Fuze but was just an extra. But it was so fun because we got to be on the beach and I flew a kite for like 3 hours straight. Nice life, huh? OH, and I had my final improv show for my Improv 101 class at UCB, which was quite the experience. I'm not very funny, so I was kinda forgettable during that show, but I liked it enough to sign up for the next workshop level. Improv 202 here I come! If you're funny let me know so I can call you and eat what you eat and do what you do and become you. Thx.

The gorgeous setting for a part of the commercial shoot. Nicely done, California. Luv u.

My adorable and amazing Improv 101 class after our show! Such fun with these folks.

Ok so moving on to my latest life development and career path switcharoo (but not really)....becoming a speaker! Ever since my fun trip to Burlington Iowa in November (see last post), I have been encouraged by a national speaker, Curtis Cloke, that I should try out speaking for a living. That's a career?? I can make money at that?? Who knew. Not me. But I LOVE speaking and traveling and it kinda goes hand-in-hand with acting right? So it's perfect. I decided to pop in on a National Speakers Association (NSA) LA chapter meeting this month to see what all the hubbub is about. AMAZING, you guys. Like, life=changed. The speaker was Jeffrey Hayzlett, who is literally a celeb in the speaking world, and has built a multi-million dollar company based on his speaking. WHO EVEN KNEW THAT WAS A THING. Raise your hand. I would like to speak with you.

But moving on, I met amazzzzzing people there that literally just want to help spread positive or important messages through their speaking. And they get paid, like a lot, to do it. And most were casually naming all of the countries they've been to. In the past month. Ok. Sold. Done. Sign me up. 

Since then, I've been working my clueless little tail off trying to make this a real possibility in my life. I got a scholarship to go to the NSA Speakers' Academy starting in March (probably because of my continuous reminders (read: whining) that I just couldn't afford the large enrollment fee...hey, persistence, right? Which was SO COOL of them, because I literally would not have been able to do it without that, and they're so supportive of new and young speakers! (Most are older, btw...which makes sense because they have things like life experience and wisdom and knowledge to speak about...what are those things). And now (EXCITING) I have added a new tab to my website called Speaker (so original) (hey, check it out! Be a friend! Tell me what's wrong with it! --seriously. critiques needed). Click here for that page. So I've been meeting with some of the top speakers in this area to get advice and I'm super excited about all of this so stay tuned for more developments!! Yay, speaking! Let's be friends! Also if you're for some reason reading this and thinking, hey, I work for a company, and we have meetings/conferences/gatherings, and we want speakers sometimes, let me know! I could come be one! I think that's how this works. TBD.

Lastly!! For funsies I went to Austin to visit Miss Donahue the coolest teacher ever (aka Shannon) and we had tons of fun and Lexi came and so did Tirza and it was like a big glorious gathering of wonderful people. So many food trucks there, let me tell you. It is incredible. So much good food- tacos, QUESO (so much queso), donuts, guac, sausages, heaven, the list goes on. And I was also like, woah I could live here. So stay tuned, because if there is a TV show filmed in Austin I will be THE FIRST to go audition. 

The best gathering of the best people in Austin! Woohooooo reunions!

REUNITED with Shannon! In a pile of graffiti! So many colors.