[Attempt at a] Blog

And on the 5th Day of October, Caitlin Remembered to Blog.

WOW. HEY GUYS. If you're actually reading this I sincerely appreciate you not giving up on me altogether, because it has been 4 MONTHS since my last post, and 7 MONTHS since my last REAL UPDATE post. That's embarrassing. Clearly, not a blogger here. But here's me trying again and hopefully I can gain your trust back. 

Ok, I'm not even sure where to start so I'm gonna keep it semi-simple because otherwise you might be overwhelmed and leave me, which I would hate. So anyyyyyyywho, the latest big things in the random exciting weird life of Caitlin are as follows:

- SWEDEN. Yep, I went to Sweden. But not just to dilly dally and go to Sweden, but because I got the lead in a film there!!! It was super exciting and it was the best time ever. Below are some photos, but mostly just like the page on Facebook because there you'll get the best updates possible, and hopefully you'll get to see a trailer of some sort soon. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/anightinthecabinmovie/?fref=ts. Yay! 

So I went to Sweden for a month and got to film this independent horror film, which was so so fun and crazy, and I learned a ton. It's gonna be good, you guys. We got some days off though, so it worked out perfectly to visit Chris's family and he got to come home for part of it too, so that was great (p.s. if you're totally out of the loop- I don't blame you- Chris is the BF and he's Swedish). So I explored Sweden like a local, then did a mini road trip with some of the crew to the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and ended in Poland!!! What fun, I tell ya. Poland has amazing food and is so cheap so yes you must go there (had a gourmet 4 course meal for $15). Some pics below. 

-MY BOOK. I wrote a book!!! So if you scroll back/happen to recall that I am pursuing a career in speaking now, I decided that a super hot topic right now is my generation (Millennials) and the workplace. I looked it up, and not a ton of Millennials themselves actually speak on the topic, it's mostly older generations speaking on how they've been able to deal with us. So I decided I should do this, and did some research, actually got super excited and passionate about this topic, and began to write a book. I wrote it because you really need a book as a speaker to be as legitimate as possible (especially if you're as young and inexperienced as me...) and it's in the process of publishing now!! Go to my new page on here (website)---Speaker tab. Or www.caitlincrommett.com/speaker to see all the deets. It's a pretty awesome feeling to hold a book you wrote in your hands, btw. If you've never tried it. Never thought I'd ever have that day come, to be honest. See photo of cover below!


- NEW MOVIE: So, as some of you may have seen on my Facebook recently, I am producing a feature film coming up in January, called The Violent Young. It's exciting because it's my first feature film as producer! So lots of first features lately. Anyway, we are so stoked about it, and the story is awesome- it's a sort of coming-of-age story about two women in their late twenties who are struggling to figure out themselves and who they want to be...they end up meeting randomly in the middle of nowhere and falling for each other. The film will be focused on the characters and their development, and their relationship with each other....no special effects, no craziness. Just raw, truthful, realistic characters and their stories. We're especially excited because most of our crew are women, and our two lead characters are strong females....with an LGBTQ theme. Breakin' the glass ceilings here in Hollywood. If possible, we would love your support in making this real. Check out our trailer/teaser here: http://kck.st/2cHgatU. Exciting stuff!

- COMING SOON: This coming weekend, I will be leaving for Washington, DC to shoot a music video for an amazing artist we discovered...we want to start getting into the music video space so decided to reach out to her and make one for her. Check her out here, I promise you'll love it. Her website is: http://roriemusic.com. Her voice is gorgeous. So, look out for photos and videos of that soon!! So excited. 

Next month, I'll be back in Burlington, Iowa, for the annual DreamCatchers visit and events there. Stay tuned for updates on one of our top DreamCatchers chapters!

---I'll end here, because surely you have stopped reading/are bored by now. Hopefully I will actually have a memory and blog more often so these updates are more of a quick read/super quick update type-of-thing but for now, I sincerely thank you if you were able to make it this far. As for my state of mind, I am happy and well...still getting to do what I love everyday, only now a little more desperate for some sort of income while doing it. :P Thanks for following my super-not-exciting-whatever-we-call-it kinda life, and I promise to be more timely next time. Love you all, wonderful people. Keep doin' what you love...life's too short not to, ya know.