[Attempt at a] Blog

Random is Good.

Heyyyyyyyy loyal followers of my super random yet exciting life! Wow, where did the time go? Am I right or am I right? I feel like I JUST wrote the new year blog post and then I opened my eyes again and it was the end of March. Pretty sure I'm Truman in the Truman Show and everyone just set all clocks and satellites forward to March while I was asleep so I could lose my mind and stress myself out. Yeah, because the world revolves around me of course. Duh. (please don't think I'm serious)

So since I lost a couple of months apparently, I'll fill you in on what has been happening while I've been unconscious or whatever. Ok done with that analogy, here's an update on my life since January and the adventures that have consumed it. **hang on while I go check my calendar because the memory is failing now**

February was full of lots of auditions (woohoo!) and shoots (more woohoo!) and random jobs and wandering around pretending to know what I'm doing (woohoo!). Sounds typical. But actually, I did two cool spec commercials with amazingly talented people (spec commercials, just in case you didn't know-like me- are usually submitted as idea commercials to companies either through a contest or just for fun, to see if they'll buy it). First I did a Behr paint commercial with a SUPER talented production company, Creative Suspects, which I wish I could show you but apparently can't until it's been submitted or something. But here are some pics. It was my first lead role in a commercial of any sort, so it was exciting to get to know the process there. 

Me and fellow actor admiring our newly painted table for Behr commercial!

I also did a cool commercial with some USC students for Stance socks- which are pretty incredible, I might add. This one was a blast because it was a weekend shoot where we basically just got to be filmed doing fun stuff like hiking, beaching, bonfiring, kickboxing, etc. Photos below... also super talented group, and can't wait to see the result of that. 

Also, remember that fun Wheelchair Dance Flow company I became an ambassador for a couple months ago? I finally got a chance to do an interview with them to practice hosting/interviewing skillz. Yes, with a Z. It was an absolute BLAST, because I got to interview their resident photographer and awesome guy all-around, Mike, who I got to know already on past events. Hopefully that will be posted up soon and I can let you know! Check out the company here: http://www.infiniteflowdance.org/. Hopefully all of these things are going to somehow, sometime, come together beautifully in some sort of career--hosting, acting, interviewing, speaking. They're all related, right? RIGHT?! Just say yes for my sanity plz. Thx. 

Interviewing THE Michael Hansel (ignore the bare feet..oops)

Ohmgosh, before I forget. I became a professional dog walker as a part time job thing. Honestly the best job ever. I can take dog walks whenever and get to hang out with DOGS. What is life. And while we're on the job trail, I catered the Grammy's afterparty which was freakin' inSANE. I've never seen such an extravagant party. Oh, and I got to wear a pink tie. Again, what is life. 

Getting into March, a highlight of my month was shooting a documentary short film out in the desert, about a guy named Marty. He lives on the side of the highway and lives such a simple life, yet is perfectly happy. I'm not going to tell you much more than that because I want you all to remain curious as we begin to post preview trailers and such...here's a couple of pics though so you get an idea of where we were for a few days :) He is one incredible guy, and I can't wait to share his story with the world (or those of you in my world...comparable? Sure)

The man himself. Incredible how he spends his days improving the world in his own way.

This is a fence in the middle of nowhere. Someone decided to put shoes on it. And then it became a thing. 

Oh, did I mention he has the cutest companion ever?? Meet my best friend Buddy.

In other news, I finished my SECOND improv workshop at UCB (out of four). I'm really realizing that, while I enjoy watching improv, actually doing it is a whole new story. I struggle with the "being funny" part. I know what you're thinking. "But Caitlin, you're SO hilarious!!!" Yeah, I KNOW. Ha. But then I met actual funny people. 

Oh, oh, oh! And remember all of my struggles with finding an agent and all that fun stuff??? Well I have one now! And a manager! Like at the same time. Yeah, I'm really trying to figure out what the difference is still too. Stay tuned. I met my agent at a casting, and met the daughter of my manager at a shoot. Go figure. Did I ever mention there's no set path or rules or process? Yeah. There you have it. 

Speaking news: had our first Speakers Academy session this month. An all day affair, filled with advice on social media presence, getting started as a speaker, and really just getting to know everyone and our mentors. Let me tell you, I am excited to be around so many crazy awesome people. I CAN'T WAIT to start learning from all of them. And I'm the assistant because of my whole scholarship situation, so I can better interact with everyone on the board and everything. SO MUCH TALENT. So much to learn. Ay, just getting started here. 

Last but not least, life has been hectic because I had to move out of my Hollywood apartment for unfortunate situations. BUT BUT BUT it's all good because then my parents decided they wanted to buy a condo out here and we found the most BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING condo ever and I move in a month!!! So if you're coming to visit (which you should asap, all of you), COME AFTER MAY 1. I'll be hosting many dinner parties and fun times. Please come! I miss you (probably!)! 

Thanks for sticking with me on one of my longer posts ever---guess I was in a writing/sharing mood. Hope this was able to shed some light on what I'm ACTUALLY doing with my life (please let me know if you figure it out), since it gets a little confusing, even to me. Every day is so different and random. But that's what I love. Doing what I love. Ok, that's enough. Love you. xoxo