[Attempt at a] Blog

Smell those roses, wouldja?

Just taking this brief blog interruption to remind the world to wake up and smell the roses. Literally. 

Too many people today are all consumed with their devices, with the media, with their reputation, etc....the list goes on. We wanted to create something to remind people that life can be extremely short and can be gone in an instant, so it is crucial that we appreciate our time and take full advantage of the beautiful life we have been given. 

Personally, I have seen the importance of appreciating every little moment in life through my experience with DreamCatchers and spending time with people who have literally been given an end date, a ticking clock of sorts. Meeting Franck and becoming part of his Open Valve Studios has taught me even more about appreciating good health, and the freedom we have been given to live and be alive. He has inspired me to value each moment and use our lives to do something meaningful, something that could positively affect others. We created this PSA as a reminder to each person to wake up, open your eyes, and see the beauty that surrounds you each day. 

As cliche as it might sound, I really hope this can impact you, even in the smallest way, to be more alive each day.  Check it out below, and please let us know what you think---we are always looking to get better and make greater impact, so every word is appreciated.

xoxo, love you all,