Frustrated by the Millennials in your workplace? Want to figure out how to attract, engage, and retain the top Millennials at your company or organization?

Caitlin can help. As a Millennial with experience managing, attracting, and engaging other Millennials, she uses her own experiences, as well as those of her friends and colleagues who she has studied, to bring you the best solutions right now. 

Caitlin aims to bridge this disconnect between what YOU want from Millennials, and what WE want from you. Bring her in to your company today for a fresh perspective on Millennials, how to understand Millennials as it relates to your generation, and shatter some generational stereotypes that major causing disconnects in our world. 


Caitlin started a nonprofit foundation at the young age of 15 years old.

She never had plans for it to become a national organization, which is what it has become today. DreamCatchers Foundation now grants the final Dreams of hospice patients, terminally ill people given 6 months or less to live. DreamCatchers chapters are run by youth- students in high school and college- who partner with their local hospice to grant final Dreams of their patients. The DreamCatchers mission focuses on ending the stigma around death and dying, and connecting generations in ways they had not been connected before. 

Bring Caitlin in to your school, company, organization, or group to be inspired by her story, enlightened by how easy it can be to change the world, and motivated to take action in your local communites, right now. 


Gen Z. Millennials. Gen X. Boomers. Silent Generation. 

Each generation is unique in its own way. Caitlin has spent much of her time exploring each generation and what makes it interesting, what made each group of people become this way, and how each is primed to work in the world today. 

Join Caitlin in an exciting journey into each generation and the unique traits of each group to determine how we can all work better, together. She will be giving actionable solutions for each person to take in order to better connect with generations other than their own at work, and in life. Be prepared for laughs, lots of aha! moments, and a more connected audience by the end of this presentation!


Experience/ Past Clients

Thus far, I have spoken at larger conventions such as the Million Dollar Round Table's 'Top of the Table' conference as a keynote speaker, the University of Notre Dame Alumni Advisory Board, and various other boards/associations/events, and of course smaller venues like local school assemblies, Rotary Club meetings, and class presentations. I am open to speaking to any size audience, and would love to bring my message to you and your company, school, association, or group. To book me at your next meeting or conference, please click the button below. 


To watch a couple of my speeches to various audiences, please see the Videos tab.

Thanks for your interest!