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Caitlin was fantastic, our group really enjoyed her presentation. It was very well received by both our young professionals as well as our “seasoned” professionals!
Caitlin is an amazing young woman, I can only imagine what she is going to accomplish by the time she is 30!
— Kim Collins, Director of Programs at ABC of Metro Washington
When it comes to Caitlin Crommett, the words engaging and inspirational are an understatement. From her practical book How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace: And Actually Keep Us! to her newly launched GenerationWhat? Academy, Crommett has been trailblazing the field of intergenerational business solutions.

Known for her trademarked openness and high-energy style, Crommett is a vital catalyst in the movement to show that millennials may just be the dynamic and revolutionary generation no one thought they were.
— True Tamplin, Former Actor, Athlete and #1 Bestseller
JCI USA was honored to have Caitlin lead a breakout workshop at our most recent JCI national convention. Caitlin was an absolute star of the show and was an incredible asset to have speak at the conference! The room was packed and we received so much positive feedback from so many businessmen & women, as well as community leaders, who are having trouble with Millennial engagement and retention. Caitlin’s dynamic style and outstanding delivery not only kept the group interested and excited for almost 2 hours but kept them talking afterward to learn even more from her wealth of knowledge. We could not be more pleased with Caitlin and we will certainly be recommending her for any future conferences, workshops, or keynote engagements!
— Jay Johnson, Coeus Creative Group, President, JCI Michigan
Caitlin knows her generation and owns it! In dynamic fashion this young lady brought a compelling program to our Phoenix CFDD group. Our members and guests were listening intently on how to create a workforce that includes the millennial generation. Caitlin was engaging and I learned this generation is willing and able to fit in and bring bright ideas to the table, much like every other generation; communication face to face is key. Understanding that social media has changed and moved at a rapid pace, take advantage of their knowledge and posted responses can be a positive way to energize your firm. Be open minded and you too will learn that the infiltration into our workplace is vibrant, intelligent and can have a positive and significant impact on our generation. Please add Caitlin to your list of speakers, you will not be disappointed!
— Ellen Wodiuk, CCE, ICCE, Client Services Specialist
Caitlin has a passion and contagious energy for helping others, and when she spoke to our advisory council members at Notre Dame, the audience left feeling inspired to make the world a better place. Caitlin has a bright future as an entrepreneur, leader, and speaker, and Notre Dame is fortunate to count her as an alumna.
— Lou Nanni, Vice President for University Relations, University of Notre Dame
After much needed discussion and consultation, Ms. Crommett provided the proper advisement that will not only make an immediate impact; it will find itself a presence in the long run within JCI (Jaycees). As an entrepreneur, actor, author, & humanitarian, she is well versed in this ever changing world that will [inevitably] be led by Millennials. It’s apparent that she has spent a significant amount of time researching this generation and their retention within organizations (both for-profit & nonprofit). I would highly recommend her as a keynote speaker for any organizational function.
— Neil A. Hanes, M.S.
Caitlin was well received and enjoyed by all. Attendees were presented with messages and information to take back to their workplace in regards to working with Millennials. We are grateful for having had to opportunity to hear Caitlin speak. She brought just the right topic to our audience with educational, informative and also with a touch of humor! Thank you Caitlin.
— Shelly Baquol, Director, Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association
Caitlin Crommett is a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very fortunate to have on stage for our annual convention in June of 2017. Her keynote presentation regarding attracting and keeping millennials in the work place was highly rated by our members. We were impressed by the research she performed in order to speak to our specific industry issues. The material truly resonated with our audience of association leaders, many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their workforce more effectively across the various generations. In her very lively and energizing session, Caitlin delivers exceptional insights, clear tips and most importantly actionable suggestions pertaining to implementing her valuable strategies that are appealing to the workforce of the future. She even provided participants with a social media tool kit to utilize for their internal use. This presentation exceeded our expectations and we are affirmed she would be a great addition to any line-up.
— Steve Trussell, Executive Director, Arizona Rock Products Association
I attended the session that Caitlin gave at the 2017 Points of Light Conference in Seattle. I’m considered to be on the older range of Millennials and I didn’t really feel much of a connection with how many people perceive my generation, notably people that were born 10 years after me. With all of the negative talk around Millennials these days, it’s not hard to feel a disconnect, especially since I’ve always felt I’ve had more in common with Gen X. After Caitlin’s presentation, I began to look at things differently and start to own the fact that I’m a Millennial. During her presentation, I realized that most generations really aren’t all that different when you examine things more closely. Caitlin provided some much-needed information about working with and understanding Millennials that I think is essential in a multi-generational workplace. Thanks Caitlin!
— Matt Bates, Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator, St. Louis Arc
Caitlin has a wonderful stage presence and is an impeccable story teller. She was able to captivate the audience and achieve our main objectives to educate, engage and inspire!
— Mary Jane Anon, Associate Director, University of Notre Dame



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