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So, I'm out of school and out in the real world. No, I don't have a "real job". Why, you ask? Because I'm pursuing my passions in a different way. Especially here in LA where I live, many people (Millennials seem to be the majority of said 'people') do not live the "normal" "9-5" life. We are aspiring actors, aspiring musicians, aspiring stars...and if that means we need to constantly look for our next source of income, and never get to feel "comfortable" when we get a job, so be it. This is the life we have chosen. And we love it, believe it or not. In fact, many more of us than ever seem to desire this lifestyle; one where we are reliant on ourselves for our next paycheck---we are entrepreneurial and crave that freedom that self-employment offers.

All I ask is that we don't keep getting s*&% for it. No, I don't wake up at 6am every day. Heck, I'm not usually awake at 9am, if I'm being totally honest. But that doesn't mean I'm lazy, I never get out of bed, I expect the jobs will come to me. It simply means I'm tired (cue: Corinne from The Bachelor telling us to stop giving her crap for sleeping too much- because maybe I stayed up 'til midnight working last night. Just because I am not on your schedule, does not mean I'm not working hard to build my life. In fact, many of us often work through the weekend, so when you see us relaxing outside on a Tuesday, think about that before judging us for not working.

This is not meant to be a rant (although it may sound that way....I just wanted to make a point, I promise!), it is simply to serve as a reminder to all those 9-5ers out there, those Boomers or Gen X'ers who have had a constant source of income in the form of a job for their entire adult lives. I want to make sure Millennials, and other freelancers or dreamers or atypical workers, are given the proper treatment out there in the everyday world. We don't want to be judged for not wanting to work like you have been working throughout your life. It's a new generation, a new culture, a new world out where it doesn't matter the time you put in as long as you are getting it done and making progress in your life and for the world.

A list that is becoming more and more common in today's changing world. 

A list that is becoming more and more common in today's changing world. 

So remember, we're not lazy for sleeping past 10am on a weekday...we're just different.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on our changing values AT WORK- how time in and out should not be representative of how "hard" we work.